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Jeff Neil,
Founder & Chief Career Change Coach
New York, NY


Dear Career Changer,

Over the years of working with thousands of clients, I've discovered most job seekers have no clue how to make a career change.

They look online for jobs, submit a resume and cover letter that does not package them well... and then they wait for a telephone call that never comes.

Chances are they were never seriously considered.

Then they lose hope.  They wonder if they picked the wrong new career.  And they begin to believe it's impossible for them to change careers. 

But it doesn't have to be that way for you.

If you give me a few minutes of your time right now...

... I'll reveal the PROVEN SOLUTION you can start using right now to make your career change.

First I want to te
ll you that it's not your fault that you don't know how to make a career transition.  

The problem is nearly every aspect of changing careers is DIFFERENT from a typical job search...

... and there has never been a step-by-step system that could teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to change careers...

... from how to prepare a resume and cover
letter for a career change... to how to search for job openings when you're changing careers... to how to win job offers when you're missing 'required' skills and experience.

So being a career coach who specializes in career changes, I made it my task to put all of the information and strategies in one place.  

I wanted to create a SYSTEM that anyone making a career change could use... from recent college graduates to people in the workforce for a couple of decades... and everything in between... regardless of the job they have or the type of job they are targeting.

It took me thousands of hours (really) to put this together for you, but it was worth it....

... I'm very proud of this resource.

The Career Change Club - A Step-by-Step System that Will Walk You Through Everything You Need To Do So
You Can Make Your Career Change

So what is the Career Change Club?

It is a complete career change system... a compilation of absolutely everything I have learned and offer to you, my clients, at a 85% discount.
 The Club features steaming training videos, articles, samples, scripts and templates, including:

  • Resume Breakthrough Program: Create a winning resume that packages you for your career transition
  • Cover Letter Breakthrough Ebook: Prepare a cover letter that piques the interest of HR & Recruiters and drives them to your resume

  • LinkedIn Breakthrough Program: Strengthen your LinkedIn profile so it gets found by HR professionals and recruiters, stands out in the crowd, and motivates them to contact you for job openings they have right now

  • Online Job Search Breakthrough Program: Get calls for job interviews when you respond to online job postings

  • Hidden Job Opportunities Breakthrough Program: Find unadvertised job openings that have little or no competition... and you can start winning job interviews as soon as 2 weeks

  • Interview Breakthrough Program: Convert your job interviews into job offers... even when you're missing required skills and experience

Here's how the Career Change Club works...

As a member, you get UNLIMITED 24/7 access to EVERY training video, article, sample, script and template I've created over the past 5 years to help thousands of people make career transitions.

What would all of that expertise a
nd support be worth to you?

I want to make it as easy and as affordable as possible for you to get my help and advice... and make your career transition... 

... which is why I set the monthly 'introductory' membership price for my clients at just $37 a month... 

Some people join the Club for a month and get what they need.  Others belong for a couple of months while they are making their transition.  You decide what's best for you.

You have no commitment and you can cancel your monthly membership anytime, no questions or hassles.  Your membership will renew automatically. Just shoot an email to me letting me know you want to cancel and you won't be charged for the next month. 

Take advantage of special pricing offered only to my Career Clarity clients & save 90%

If You Need More Information... Here's What's Included in the Career Change Club:

Resume Breakthrough (Retails for $87)

Here's How You Can Create a Resume that Will Grab Attention and Win Job Interviews, and... 

Learn How to Avoid The Costly Mistakes On Your Resume That Can CRIPPLE Your Career Transition

When you’re making a career change, EVERY section of your resume has the potential for knocking you out of consideration. 

Here are the vital strategies and techniques you'll learn when you use the Resume Breakthrough program: 

  • The five key content sections at the top of a career-change resume that will pique employers' interest and practically force them to read your resume... because they strike right at the heart of what hiring managers want 
  • The four crucial elements you must include in your career change resume’s Summary… so employers see you the way you want them to see you

  • Innovative strategies that place keywords on your resume so you get higher rankings from Applicant Tracking Software. (I'll teach you everything you need to know about beating Applicant Tracking Software too)

  • A simple (yet shockingly effective) way to transform and structure your work experiences... to showcase your best strengths and make it easy for employers to see why you are a qualified candidate… even though you’ve never done that type of job before

  • A game-changing way to include work experience achievements and results in your resume so you can stand out in a sea of resumes

  • Why you should NEVER include an Objective statement on your resume

  • Learn if, how, and where you should explain the reasons for leaving a past employer on your resume  

  • Hiring managers want to hire someone they'll enjoy working with... and I'll show you an easy way to prove that on your resume 
  • What information to LEAVE out of your resume... the answer isn't as obvious as you might think

I want you to have a powerful resume that wins job interviews.  That’s why I also include these bonuses:

Career Change Club Bonus 1:
Beautifully Designed Downloadable Templates

I designed three templates specifically for people making career changes… and they are the exact templates my private clients have been using for the past decade to win job interviews for virtually every career change you can imagine.
You can download and save these MS Word resume templates to your hard drive to use whenever you want for the rest of your career. 

Career Change Club Bonus 2:
Done For You Achievement Bullets

Some people don’t think they have many (or any) achievements. 

Others don’t know how to word their achievements the right way on their resume to pique the interest of HR, recruiters and hiring managers.

The problem is... you won't win job interviews if you don't demonstrate how you support the success of employers.

That’s why I’ve included a special report with more than 160 fill-in-the-blank achievements that make it easy for you to identify, describe and promote your achievements on your resume.  I call them 'Breakthrough Bullets'.

Best of all, you can copy and use these Breakthrough Bullets to instantly have the perfect wording to grab employers' attention.

I’ve spent years developing these highly customizable resume achievements for the benefit of my clients.  

They will save you countless hours of work... and I know you’ll find them invaluable. 

Here’s the bottom line…

The Resume Breakthrough program will show you how to identify, talk about, and maximize your best qualifications in a way that really speakers to employers... and motivates them to call you for job interviews.

Click here to join now!

LinkedIn Breakthrough (Retails for $67)

The Fastest and Easiest Way To Create a LinkedIn Profile that Builds Your Credibility and Best Positions You for a Career Change

I've created 70-minutes of training videos that guide you step-by-step to build your powerful LinkedIn profile the correct way to position you for a career transition.

Drawing on years of experience of working with thousands of job seekers, I have poured everything I know into the program.

I give you the EXACT actions you need to take in this easy to follow, step-by-step action guide.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this interview winning program:

  • The 3 critical places in your profile you must add the right keywords so it gets found by HR professionals and recruiters. (If you don't know what your "keywords" are, I've included a training video that will teach you)
  • A straight to the point formula to create a powerful profile Summary that sets you apart and helps your profile rank high in searches of HR staff and recruiters

  • A simple approach to develop a powerful headline that stands out and grabs immediate, positive attention

  • The supplemental sections you must add to your profile to highlight your qualifications and easily build your credibility

  • The keys to using your profile to cover for missing skills, employment gaps, etc.

  • What information to include in your Work Experience descriptions - and just as important - the critical information to LEAVE OUT of your Work Experience descriptions

  • The crucial questions you must ask yourself before writing your Education credentials

  • A highly effective strategy for using endorsements and recommendations.

  • One change you should make to your profile if you want work in a different industry. (If you don't do this, chances are good you will not get found by the right recruiters and HR staff.)
  • A simple age-proofing strategy if you have been working 15 years or more

  • Crucial privacy settings that optimize your visibility while protecting your privacy and don't overtly advertise your job seeking status 
  • Proven strategies that effortlessly build your connections and network on LinkedIn

To make sure you have a LinkedIn profile that stands out, I’m including this bonus:

Career Change Club Bonus 3: 
Eye-Catching LinkedIn Profile Symbols

Using symbols on your LinkedIn profile can make it easier to read and much more visually appealing.   

The problem is LinkedIn doesn't offer any way to do that.

That's why I've included a LinkedIn symbol cheat sheet that you can instantly copy & paste more than 25 eye-catching symbols to your profile.
It's easy and fast... and your profile will look very attractive and stand out in a positive way.

Cover Letter Breakthrough
(Retails for $9.97)

Here's How You Can Create a Cover Letter that Will Pique the Interest of HR & Recruiters... and COMPEL Them to Read Your Resume

Here are the benefits you'll gain when you use the strategies I teach in this eBook: 

  • How to open your career-change cover letter to instantly grab employers' interest and put a smile on their face
  • The Exact Match Formula that helps employers to quickly see why you're qualified... even though you're making a career transition

  • An eye-grabbing and effective way to showcase your very best qualifications - and hide your weaknesses

  • The critical words you should NEVER say in your cover letter
  • The best strategies to handle requests for salary information... so you don't get knocked out of consideration

In addition to the Career Change Cover Letter eBook, you’ll also receive...

Career Change Club Bonus 4:
Beautifully designed downloadable 
Cover Letter for Career Change Template

I designed this cover letter template specifically for people making career changes… and it's the exact template my private clients have been using for the past decade to win job interviews for virtually every career change you can imagine.

You can download and save this template (MS Word format) to your hard drive to use whenever you want for the rest of your career.

Online Job Search Breakthrough
(Retails for $47)

Are You Tired of WASTING HOURS of Your Time Pouring through ONLINE Job Ads and Crafting and Submitting Your Best Resume and Cover Letter... 

and then HEARING NOTHING Back?

When you use the strategies in this program to respond to job postings you find online, HR professionals and recruiters will call you for job interviews

I've created a job search training program that guides you step-by-step about how to respond to Online Job postings, so you can get more job interviews.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this 'interview winning' program:

  • Tricks to tweak your resume so it gets noticed by recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers  
  • An "over the shoulder" training video and special report that shows you the EXACT step-by-step process to easily identify the company employees who are most likely to help you land interviews

  • A simple and effortless way to get their email addresses so you can easily contact them 
  • Simple and fast ways to identify all of the hiring managers you'll want to contact (and how to easily get their email addresses)

  • An easy-to-follow, step-by-step technique (and sample emails) you'll want to use to motivate company employees to help you get a job interview

Most job seekers "noodle" around job boards, submit resumes and cover letters, and then take a "wait and see" approach, hoping that they'll somehow beat out hundreds of other applicants to get an interview. 

Please don't let that be you.  

Click here to join us today!

Hidden Job Opportunities Breakthrough
(Retails for $77)

Here's How You Can
Get Job Interviews
As Soon As Next Week...

Discover the proven and best way to DRAMATICALLY SHORTEN YOUR JOB SEARCH.

When you use this strategy,

your job search will never hit a dead-end again.

I've created a job search training program that guides you step-by-step about how to find unadvertised job openings with little or no competition.

I call this job search strategy the "Hidden Job Opportunities Breakthrough" program.

Here's some of what you'll learn in this program:

  • The best free online resources you can use to quickly pinpoint potential employers... in ANY industry or location

  • Simple and fast ways to identify all the hiring managers you'll want to contact (and how to quickly get their email addresses)

  • The exact (and remarkable) letter that quickly grabs the attention of hiring managers... and motivates them to contact you for unadvertised job openings they have right now (You'll also get real-life examples you can download and easily adapt)
  • How to efficiently contact many hiring managers in the new few days... so you can land job interviews as soon as next week

  • An easy-to-maintain job search tracking system 
  • A simple follow-up strategy and top-quality templates you can easily adapt - making it easy for you to win job interviews for future unadvertised job openings too

With this program, I've included: 

Career Change Club Bonus #5:
Can You Use Executive Recruiters And Headhunters To Find A New Job?

​Many job seekers have big misconceptions about the role of executive recruiters and headhunters... and how to work with them.

That's why I am including this special report I've written on exactly what these professionals do, how to determine if they are likely to help your job search, how to find helpful recruiters and headhunters, and the best ways to work with them.

Most job seekers think they can use 'networking' to find unadvertised job openings. But networking is a slow process... and it seldom leads to a job offer.

Not knowing how to find unadvertised job openings is a tremendous mistake that wastes MONTHS of your valuable time...  and it costs you missed opportunities.

... And if you are under-employed or out of work - can cost you tens of thousands of dollars of lost income, which is impossible to restore.

Job seekers who use the fresh and proven approaches I teach in the Hidden Job Opportunities Breakthrough program gain a big advantage over most job seekers and they get better results - more job interviews faster.

Interview Breakthrough
(Value $87)

Learn the EXACT Interview Strategies that Will Let You Stand Out in Job Interviews, Wow The Interviewer, and Get the Job Offers You Want

When you’re making a career change, EVERY part of the interview process has the potential for knocking you out of consideration. 
I want to teach you what those mistakes are...

... and show you how to avoid them - so you don’t miss out on job offers that you could have won.

The Interview Breakthrough program GIVES YOU EVERYTHING you need to know before you sit down for your interview…
… so you’re ready for whatever the interviewer throws your way.

Here are some of the vital strategies you will learn and benefits you'll get when you use the Interview Breakthrough program...

  • Step-by-step, simple to follow instructions to identify your most valuable skills and achievements… and transform them into compelling stories that make it easy for employers to see why you’re a strong candidate… even though you’ve never done that type of job before 
  • The crucial questions you can ask at the beginning of the interview that will put the hiring manager on your side… and get them to tell you EXACTLY what you should talk about in the interview so you make a great impression

  • How to change the typical interview from a defensive Ping-Pong game to a comfortable conversation (when you do this, the interview feels natural and stress free)
  • Answer the TOUGHEST interview questions that can be thrown at you... so you can impress the interview

  • Learn how to handle salary discussions at every stage of the interview process... so you don't lose interview opportunities that you really want... and you get paid what you are worth
  • Discover how to harness the secrets of following up AFTER the interview... to build your credibility, stand out even more, and compel hiring managers to want to want to hire you

I want you to win more job offers, which is why I’m including these bonuses:

Career Change Club Bonus #6:
Eliminate the Interviewer's Doubts
& Concerns About You

Have you ever aced an interview, didn't get the job offer, and wondered, "why not?".   

What if I told you there is any easy way for you to find out (and potentially eliminate) and interviewer's doubts and concerns about you... before you're eliminated from consideration?

When you know and use the little-known strategies I teach in this bonus, you can turn an interviewer's objections into non-issues... so you don't lose the job offer. 

Career Change Club Bonus #7:
How to Stall a Job Offer

One of the most exciting (and stressful) outcomes of a successful job search is having multiple job offers - or one firm job offer and a pending one.

This special report will reveal the best strategies to help you stall a job offer while you're negotiating (or waiting for) a job offer with another company. 

Now, what's all of this worth? 

Resume Breakthrough $87
LinkedIn Breakthrough $67
Cover Letter Breakthrough $10
Online Job Search Breakthrough $47
Hidden Job Search Breakthrough $77
Interview Breakthrough $87
Total = $375.00

I want the Career Change Club to be as flexible and affordable as possible...

... which is why I set the membership fee for my clients at just $37 for 30 days of 24/7 access.  Cancel anytime you want.


Take advantage of special pricing offered only to my Career Clarity clients & save 90%

Can You Make a Career Change Without The Career Change Club? 

Making a career change can be very tough if you don’t know how to do it.
On your own, it could take you many months (or even longer) to figure out just the right strategies to make a successful career change and win job offers.
And the longer you spend tweaking your resume, job search, and interviewing to try to get them right on your own, the more job opportunities you’ll lose out on.
I know from watching other job seekers who didn't know how to do it...

... one simple mistake can KILL months of your precious time and keep you stuck in your current situation.


Jumpstart Your Career Transition
Right Now

Don’t leave anything to chance. 

You – and your career – are too important for that.  
For a small investment of just $37 per month, you can enroll in the Career Change Club and get 24/7 access to ALL of the system's training videos, articles, samples and templates.

What can you get for $37 these days?  Two movie tickets and a small drink? Basic cable? Heck, you can't even pay your cell phone bill with that.

Yet for this small investment in yourself and the Career Change Club, you could potentially change your job and your life.

(Please note: We do not offer refunds on the Career Change Club. However, you may discontinue your subscription at any time.  Simply send an email to me 2 or more business days prior to your next billing date, and you won't be charged for the following month.)

When you place your order, you’ll receive an email with your private login information and a link to the Career Change Club where you get instant access to all of the resources and instruction on how to get the most benefit from them.
Nothing gets overlooked in the Career Change Club.
It’s a smart choice you'll be glad you made.

It's easy to get started.  Just click on the green button and enter your details into the secure page.

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Thank you for visiting today and learning how I can help you make your career transition.

To Your New Career Breakthrough,

Jeff Neil
Chief Career Change Officer
Founder, New Career Breakthrough

P.S. I can honestly say I have never seen any career change coaching program or system as comprehensive and affordable as my Career Change Club.

You're finally going to have a complete career change system that lets you say goodbye to overwhelming feelings of frustration, worry, and confusion about how you can make a career change and win job offers. 

I've included ALL of the PROVEN job search techniques and tools that I have developed and polished while coaching thousands of job seekers from all kinds of professional positions and industries and at all career levels.

No matter how your job search has been going until now...

... the Career Change Club will kick your career change into high gear and you could get interviews as soon as next week.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself 6 months from now.  Are you still exactly where you are now or are you in an exciting new job and career?  If so, will you wish you had started this today?