There is a 'magic formula' for creating a resume for a career change...

Avoid The Costly Resume Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Career Transition

Here's How You Can Create an Exciting Resume That Best Positions You for a Career Change and Piques the Interest of HR Professionals and Hiring Managers

Most people making career transitions have no idea how to write a resume that wins interviews for a new type of job. 

So they submit a ‘run of the mill’ resume to job opportunities that would be perfect for them… and then they wait for a telephone call that never comes. 

Chances are their resume was never seriously considered... and it might not have even been read. 


Give me just a few minutes of your time right now, I’ll answer that question and… 

... I’ll reveal to you on this page how you can create an interview-winning resume for your career change.

The Secret that Best Selling Resume Books and Low-Priced Resume Writers Hope You Never Figure Out

One of the biggest mistakes career changers make is using sample resumes they find online and in resume books. 

The first problem with that is… the strategies that work on a regular resume DO NOT work on a resume for making career change. 

The second problem with using sample resumes is they don’t show you how to solve the problems YOU face making YOUR unique job transition. 

While you might think you could do a Google search and hire a resume writer to create a winning resume for you, that seldom works because: 

  • Most professional resume writers don’t know how to write a resume for a career change. 
  • It takes A LOT of time to gather the precise information from a job seeker and create a customized resume that best positions you for your career change... so all but the most expensive resume writers create generalized resumes that make you sound like everyone else…. and that just won’t get you job interviews. 

Here’s the bottom line… 

Unless you have $650 to $1,500 to hire a professional resume writer who has mastered the unique strategies you must use on a resume for a career change and who will prepare a customized resume for your unique transition… 

… You are the best and most qualified person to write your resume... if you know how to do it the right way... 

Let Me Show You The Simple, Very Affordable, Step-By-Step Way You Can Create A Customized Resume That Wins Many More Job Interviews Faster When You're Making a Career Transition

Hi, I'm Jeff Neil. I’m a career coach who specializes in helping professionals to make career changes, and I’m the founder and President of New Career Breakthrough. 

For the past 10 years, I’ve been helping thousands of people making career changes to successfully craft resumes that transform their qualifications and experience into an interview-winning resume. 

My clients have been making just about every career transition you can imagine… in virtually every industry you can imagine…. 

… from recent graduates to professionals with decades of experience… and everything in-between. 

Over the past decade, I have invested thousands of hours (and thousands of dollars) learning everything I can about how to create the most successful resume for a career change. 

I've read many hundreds of articles and books. I've attended webinars, seminars, and conferences. I've completed training and certification programs. I have bought and "test-driven" every resume writing program I could afford. 

I used those strategies with countless personal clients... and I've learned first-hand what resume strategies work, what doesn't, and why – when you’re making a career change. 

Introducing the Proven Resume Writing & Coaching SYSTEM That Gives You Everything You Need to Have a Winning Resume For Your Career Change

Over the past ten years, I have developed a three-step system to make sure you have an outstanding resume that: 

  • Makes it easy for employers to see why you are a qualified candidate for the jobs you are apply for... even though you've never done that type of job before 
  • Overcomes your resume's challenges and problems 
  • Wins job interviews 

Here are the 3 steps: 

Step 1: You watch a 60 minute online training video that walks you through everything you need to know about how to create your interview-winning resume 

Step 2: We have a 25-minute telephone coaching session... and I answer your questions about how to apply what you learned in the training videos to your resume and career change... and overcome your resume's unique challenges 

Step 3. You prepare your new resume using my coaching advice, the video training program, and a proven 'career change' resume template and fill-in-the-blank achievement bullets I provide 

Here are the details:

Step 1: Resume Breakthrough Training Videos

Learn the Virtually Unknown Resume Strategies You Must Use to Make a Career Change

When you’re making a career change, EVERY section of your resume has the potential for knocking you out of consideration. 

Here the some of the strategies you'll learn when you watch these training videos:

  • The five key content sections at the top of a career-change resume that will pique employers' interest and practically force them to read your resume... because they strike right at the heart of what hiring managers want 
  • The four crucial elements you must include in your career change resume’s Summary… so employers see you the way you want them to see you 
  • Innovative strategies that place keywords on your resume so you get higher rankings from Applicant Tracking Systems. (I'll teach you everything you need to know about beating Applicant Tracking System too.) 
  • A simple (yet shockingly effective) way to transform and structure your work experiences... to showcase your best strengths and make it easy for employers to see why you are a qualified candidate… even though you’ve never done that type of job before 
  • A game-changing way to include work experience achievements and results in your resume so you can stand out in a sea of resumes 
  • Why you should NEVER include an Objective statement on your resume
  • Learn if, how, and where you should explain the reasons for leaving a past employer on your resume 
  • Hiring managers want to hire someone they'll enjoy working with... and I'll show you an easy way to prove that on your resume 
  • What information to LEAVE out of your resume... the answer isn't as obvious as you might think

Here’s the bottom line… 

This video training program will show you how to identify, talk about, and maximize the selling power of your best qualifications in a way that really speaks to employers and motivates them to call you for exciting job interviews.

Step 2: 'Fast Start' 1 to 1 Resume Coaching To Answer Your Questions and Help You Handle Your Unique Resume Challenges... So You Don't Get Stuck

Have you ever read a "How To" book and then had questions about "how to" apply the information to your situation? 

I want to make sure have the information and answers YOU need to create an interview-winning resume. 

That's why I include this "Fast Start" 25-minute coaching session by phone to answer your questions about your resume... for your unique career transition. 

When you’re making a career change, you MUST strategically overcome the challenges that make most resumes for a career change dead-on-arrival. 

In our 1 to 1 coaching session, I'll help you figure out how to solve all of your “sticking points”, such as: 

  • Proving you can successfully handle the new type of job you want... even though you've never done that type of job before
  • Handling concerns that your work history doesn't look relevant enough. Dealing with 'required' job experience that you don't have
  • Breaking into a new industr
  • Minimizing - or eliminating - the appearance of job hopping
  • Making a short-term job look like a positive experience on your resume
  • Addressing gaps in your work history the right way
  • What information to put on your resume if you are unemployed now
  • Preventing age discrimination
  • Getting started in the professional workforce after graduating
  • Returning to the workforce after being out of work
  • Coping with a nontraditional work history
  • Structuring your resume to return to work after a long absence
  • Wanting to relocate to a new city or state

After our Fast Start coaching session ends, I'll email a downloadable audio recording of the session... 

... so you have my personal recommendations at your fingertips whenever you want them.

When you use these strategies... 

... you’ll eliminate costly mistakes on your resume BEFORE you make them… so you don’t lose out on exciting job opportunities.

Step 3: Write a Winning Resume that Promotes Your Strengths, Builds Your Credibility, and Piques the Interest of HR Professionals, Recruiters and Hiring Managers

You write a strong and persuasive resume that best positions your career change using: 

  • The step-by-step Resume Breakthrough training videos 
  • 1 to 1 Fast Start Coaching Session to answer your questions and show you how to handle your unique resume challenges 
  • These two bonuses that will help you to have the most powerful and effective resume you've ever had..

Jumpstart Your Job Search Right Now

Use a Step-By-Step Way You Can Create A Customized Resume That Wins Many More Job Interviews For The Exact Career Change You Want To Make

Creating an interview-winning resume for a career change can be very tough if you don’t know how to do it. 

On your own, it could take you months to figure out just the right resume components and strategies that eliminate your weakness and put the spotlight on your strengths. 

... And the longer you spend tweaking your resume to try to get it right on your own, the more job opportunities you’ll lose out on. 

I know a ”typical” resume can KILL months of your precious time, producing little results... and cause you to miss exciting job interview opportunities. 

I also know... 

... one strategically prepared resume can change your career - and life - overnight.

Don’t leave anything to chance. You – and your career – are too important for that. 

Get a proven resource today so you can quickly learn the ‘rules’ of the game. 

Here's everything that's included in your investment for this Resume Writing and Coaching System:

  • 3 months of access to 60 minutes of streaming training videos
  • 25-minute Fast Start coaching session (and audio recording of the session
  • Proven resume template that has been specifically designed for people making career changes
  • Fill in the blanck achievement bullets that you can easily adapt to your situation and create a powerful resume 

Your investment is just $87. 

It’s a very small amount to get expert help to have a winning resume that best positions you for your career transition. 

My resume coaching has helped countless people to develop amazing resumes that let them standout and best position them for the career transition they want to make. 

When you place your order, you’ll receive an email that gives you access to my private membership site where you get instant access to all of the training videos, downloadable resume templates, and a link to my coaching calendar so you can schedule your FAST Start and Resume Review coaching sessions when ever you want. 

Nothing gets overlooked in my program… so you’ll have the most powerful and effective resume you’ve ever had.

It’s easy to get started. Just click on the button and enter your details into the secure page.

Thank you for visiting today. 

I look forward to supporting your success. 

To Your New Career Breakthrough, 

Jeff Neil

NYC Interview Coach

Jeff Neil, 80 East 11th Street, NYC, New York, 10003

Tel: (646) 413-0020

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